[Reissue of their killer 2007 cd-r!A little more insight to the accidental birth of their art-damage.Nine tracks of primitive post-punk clutter.Informed and inventive straight to the teeth.Recorded through a single mic and tape recorder.These boys are proving to be quite the prolific bunch, with current releses on Night People,Sweet Rot,Savory Days,Convulsive,and our own imprint.New LP on Convulsive and an 7" from us this winter! Available from Rough Trade.

[Members of Christmas Island give us 10 spontaneous, organic guitar explorations and dissonant post-punk swagger.Hypnotic riffing and primitive drum pounding combine to form black clouds of dark energies.A constant swirl of goth/psych-bliss provides the perfect backdrop for Craig Oliver's deep baritone versing and haunting croon.Like Ian Curtis' lingering ghost backed by a more psych-heavy DIJ.As deep and affected as their Time Is Racing 7" on Sacred Bones.A stunning debut.


PHEROMOANS "Between the Wine Shop and the Lido"
First edition of 20 handmade/painted cdr/cs and 30 normal printed covers.
50 in all.

SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY "Circle in the Fire"
First press of 300 on random colored vinyl.
CS on white c50 tapes w/alternate covers and inserts.
[APR-06]  OUT FEB. 23!
AGENT SIDE GRINDER "me,me and me - live cd-r + poster insert"
Hand assembled sleeves w/full color screened poster inserts and painted cd-r's.
First run of 75.
Along with the recent reissue of their debut cd, and the killer "Irish Tape" LP, Sweden's favorite post-punk/cold-wave revivalists now offer us this live 12",.Taken from their 2009 journey through Eastern Europe.Me Me and Me is an uneasy number,with icy synth runs,commanding vocals,and motorik machine drums.The flip side is a looming post-industrial tune that marries early Mute, Factory, and Brain Records starkness  into one long cold stare.Don't miss this one.Limited to 150.





Permanent Records
Caesar Cuts
Kill Shaman


Rough Trade


Escalator/Big Love


HOT GUTS "Secret Runners"
First edition of 65
on clear shell tapes with gold foil, full color j-cards/inserts.
Two different covers.

Philly's HOT GUTS gave us a blazer of a debut 7",and and awesome split with Pop.1280.They now give us a 25 minute cassette with two new studio songs,and 4 song captured at recent live shows.Heavy outsider goth soaked art-punk, with more than enough SWANS love to get into.Pummeling drum assault topples over some rather dynamic riffs and murky chops.Downer vocal chants and lucid drones come and go,yet it all remains tuneful and catchy.Co-release with Kill Shaman.

TURRKS "Bisbee +"

First edition of 60
on translucent blue tapes with full color j-cards/inserts.Two different covers.

Oakland's TURRKS(fka:Bipolar Bear) have been at it for some time,and with their recent change in moniker comes an exciting change in their sound.Huge walls of treated guitars burst through rumbling bass clouds,and dance atop offset drum patterns.Their lush,reverberated vocal jabs sneak isome insanely lush melodies in and tuck them deep within their post-punk/what-wave weirdness.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
(Canada add $2.50)
LP / $14
CD-R / $6
7" / 6.50
10" / 12.00
      // // LATER // //








                                           ::NON-LABEL ITEMS ::

BLANK DOGS - "The Ep's" Cassette tape (Captured Tracks)  $7.00
Limited cassette featuring all of their previous ep's!Their best recordings in our opinion.Lo-fi cold/darkwave pop jams ala Martin Dupont, DM, Dark Day, Erasure, etc..These won't last long,so don't wait!Also available -"the singles" cassette.

GIRLS NAMES - "4 song EP"  (Captured Tracks)  $8.50
Awesome new ep from Girls Names.Kinda dark, really surfy, jangly pop gems that never let up.This will have you bopping around in the first ten seconds.Recommended!

- 2 song 7"  (Captured Tracks)  $5.50
This is great.Guitar,bass,harmonica,glockenspiel,and insanely lush and infectious vocals.This sounds alot like Young Marble Giants at times, but not quite as minimal.You will surely be flipping this non-stop.Hoping for a full length sooner than later!

VIRGINS (FL) - "Miscarriage" CD (Kiss of  Death) $8.00
This radical Florida pop/punk rock act hails from Orlando,FL.They share members of  No Friends and New Mexican Disaster Squad.Awesome, raw, and super tight punk rock n' roll.More than enough catchy chorus lines and super shredding.Good stuff.Killer new record "manimals" is out now on KOD.

Brand new 7" single from Oakland's favorite (and ours) dark sons and daughter,conjure up 3 new hexes for us to swoon over.This band just keeps getting better.Comes on clear or glow in the dark vinyl.

SWANN DANGER - "12 inch" (CSN) $11.00
Oakland's Swann Danger include ex-members of Heart of Snow.Dark,dense and totally anthemic post-punk/goth bliss.We love these people to bits.Check out everything they've got.Worth every penny.Comes on minty green or clear vinyl.Limited!

MONIKERS - Wake Up" CD  (Kiss of Death)  $8.00
2008 full length from Monikers.Gruff and loose pop/punk with some serious garage worship going on.Taut and tidy quickly goes gets down and dirty.Super catchy hooks and clever lyrics by the bucket.

THE BITTERS - "East General" CS  (RTB) $7.50
New full length from Canada's favourite cave-pop/goth love sweethearts.Members of Fucked Up/Young Gov..new ep on Sacred Bones now.Our fav CS of 2010!

DEAD LUKE - "COSMIC Meltdown" CS (Night People) $7
Bastard child of Suicide,Chrome,Jandek,and other loner folkies.Downer electro+drone+folk hymns=fabulous album.Recommended!New "American Haircut" lp on Floridas Dying rules too.

PLEASE -"s/t" 10" (Ouse)  $10.00
Our bros from across the pond.Killer prog-soaked garage/pop/weirdness.This shit never lets up.Dynamic,fun,and inventive.Think David Yow backed by Cheer Accident,covering C Average tunes,and you've almost got it.Nice full color sleeves.

HOT GUTS/POP.1280 - Split 7" (Badmaster)  $6.25
Philly's pummeling art-poppers lash out two solid tunes of Swans and AmRep worship.Dynamic,dark,and heavy as bricks.Our favorite new band by far.
Side b gets roughed up by NY's POP.1280.This band is great.Ugly post-hardcore downer rock,bad vibes and catchy synth runs for good measure."neon lights" dribbles spiteful voices spinning tales of a drunken,late night scuzz-romp, involving hookers and hand jobs.This is a fantastic record,front to back.one left!

HOT GUTS "Ballad of Jon Simon" 7"  (Badmaster) $6.25
Badass debut ep from Philly's Hot Guts.Heavy,dark art-pop vibes,pounding drum assault,and hypnotic riffing/treated guitar drones creep below some less than comforting deep chants and paranoid versing complete this mysterious package.Mandatory.

BLESSURE GRAVE - "Judged by 12,carried by 6" LP (RTB)  $13.00
San Diego downer duo's first proper full length.After a handful of tapes,singles,and ep's on Mishka,Night People,etc. they give us a fresh batch of Joy Division/Christian Death/DIJ/Killing Joke worship,but mine a unique sound all their own.Dark and affected folk/pop/goth/wave done just right.Awesome record!

Amazing new split 12" from two of Sweden's freshest faces in the psych/drone realm.Skeppet give us two lush jams that pay homage to classic psych-krauts like Cluster,Harmonia,UFO,and Eno.Dense, slow motorik drum machines,layers of swelling synths and minimal guitar washes create some rather hazy daydream tunes indeed.Krautrock is alive and well.The flip however takes things in another direction, with a murky synth dirge that creeps in the shadows,lurking bass and guitar treatments crawl up your back, as a damp and horrific voice slithers into your ear.Things get pretty intense as this progresses.Fans of Throbbing Gristle,Merzbow,and SPK take note.A great split.

YIKES! - "woah comas/blood bomb" CD  (Kill Shaman)  $8.00
Short lived SF "super group".Loud and fuzzed out rock and roll with wild,paranoid vocals and reverb-soaked guitar shred and driving rhythms.Includes members of Thee Oh Sees,and sound alot like their earlier stuff,but looser and more fucked up.Nice!

FACTUMS - "Spells and Charms" CD (Kill Shaman)  $8.00
Seattle's Factums are a well kept secret.With a handful of releases on the Sacred Bones label,they are quickly becoming a household name.Radical no-wave weirdness,lo-fi bedroom recording vibes,and a slew of post-punk influence makes this group a tough one to pin indeed.Minimal guitar fuckery,brash,monotone snarls,loose and rumbling basslines and a mishmash of percussive trickery.PIL,TG,Ausgang,White Mice,Theoretical Girls,and DNA are all present,but that still doesn't cover it.Recorded live to tape.Worth every penny.

YAKKS -"s/t" CDR  (Self Relased)  $4.00
Bangin' Australian synth-punk duo.Minimal analog assault, grainy machine drums, commanding vocal threat,and a slew of blips,bleeps, and squeals top top it off.Fans of The Screamers,Black Bug,Nervous Gender, and The Spits are going to dig this.Expect a new cassette from us this winter!


Edition of 60 solid white tapes/full color labels & j-cards.25 on Bauhaus mock covers.
Allentown's Fresh Meat made quite a racket in their short existence as a band.With their much adored Leather Daddy 7" still popping up on random blogs and review sites over a year after it's release.They've  left us a KILLER album to send them off properly.9 ugly,pissed n' heavy downer punk jams in the vein of Pissed Jeans,early Black Flag,and a drip of Flipper's weirdo vibes .If you have a constant black cloud lingering overhead,this was made for you.Dynamite.

2/22/2011 --
Okay, after the unexpected passing of a close friend, we took some time to recover and straighten a few things out.We are up and running again, one day at a time.Sorry for the delay.Mail order is back to normal, all Hot Guts, Turrks, and Fresh Meat tapes, and Spirit Photography LP's, will be sent out by the end of the week, along with some goodies for being so patient.Thanks again.Next up is a two song live cd-r from Sweden's AGENT SIDE GRINDER.It comes with a silk-screened poster, and will be pretty limited.Check out their previous lp's if you haven't already.Stay tuned for THE DICTAPHONE and YAKKS.Be good.

1/14/2011 --

Hey pals.The new year is going to be good one.Lots of stuff is taking shape.
La Station Radar is entering our lives soon.A new tape club will surface as well.
Stay warm.Be good.More to come.
ps- Water Borders kill..Buy their records.

12/14 --

The cold weather continues to drop, keeping us at home and busy busy busy with new projects.2011 is looking good, and we are more than stoked on what we've got lined up for you.
The AGENT SIDE GRINDER cd-r's will be ready to order in about a week and 1/2..
This is cd-r single, with two killer songs from their "Irish Tape" LP.Recorded straight to tape, using just one single mic, the way this stuff is supposed to be.Dazzling.
Cold, dark, and dubbed out post-punk/industrial worship ala-
Bauhaus, A Certain Ratio, SPK, etc..It's pretty limited, so don't miss out!Comes with a hand-screened poster insert.Yup.
Next up is a new cs from Australia's YAKKS, and a 7" from SWANN DANGER.


SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY "Circle in the fire" LP
TURRKS "Bisbee+" CS
HOT GUTS "Secret Runners" CS
PHEROMOANS "Between the wine shop and the lidoo" CD-R

Cold weather is FINALLY here!Florida cold anyway...
Here's the rundown for the Fall/Winter 2010.
SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY LP'S are dwindling.Still a grip of colored vinyl left, but I wouldn't wait too long.It's a great record, and if you dig on Joy Division/Warsaw, DIJ,
and other dark post-punk and psych, it might be what you are looking for.Available from Rough Trade, Kill Shaman, RTB, Mannequin, and Escalator Japan.
FRESH MEAT tapes are almost gone..Maybe 10 left in my living room.Caesar Cuts and Escalator have some for sale, too.
TURRKS "Bisbee +" is out now on cassette.It's their new full length, as well as the new 7", on one cassette.Awesome dudes/killer band.Formerly known as
Bipolar Bear.Julian runs Kill Shaman, and is a really solid dude.Check them out.
HOT GUTS "Secret Runners" cassette is out now as well, and we just love these lurks.If you heard their split with Pop.1280, or their debut 7" on Badmaster, you are in for a
nice surprise.MUCH darker than those records, and a heavy leaning on the industrial/goth tip.Don't miss ouy on this one.Co-released with the KILL SHAMAN
NEXT UP, is a live cd-r from Swedish coldwave/post-punk act AGENT SIDE GRINDER.Two killer tracks captured live, using a single microphone and a tape machine.The way this stuff ought
to be made.Cold, blank, and packed full of dark energies.Comes with a hand-screened poster insert designed by us.Extremely limited!More on that soon.
In Jan, we will have a new 7" entitled "Burn", from Oakland's SWANN DANGER!These people are just amazing.Check them out if you like to get your Banshees, Swans, Bauhaus, and Ausgang on.Among other black forces.Simply amazing band.
More to come.Stay warm tonight, dummy.

Both the TURRKS "Bisbee +" full length cs, and the HOT GUTS "Secret Runners" live/new 4 song cs will be ready by the end of the week, and available for orders from us and Kill Shaman, shortly after.We are severely stoked on these amazing bands, and we think you will be too.Both are limited first runs, on colored tapes with special color inserts.Keep an eye out for a few reviews popping up here soon!
*FRESH MEAT tapes are down to the last 20 or so..Caesar Cuts has a few for sale, as well as Escalator Japan.Check it out!
*SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY lp's are going quickly..sending a grip out to various distros around the globe, later this week.I apologize for the delay, things have been wil around here lately...time for some extra help.Anyone need a part-time job?We will gladly overpay you in shitty demo tapes and stale coffee.Hard times, man.
Reach out.

Hey everybody..Lots to report!
The TURRKS cassette got pushed back a few weeks,do to some packaging issues.Everything is set, and these are going to look and sound great.Check out a new track on our Myspace page.It's a great record and we are thrilled to put it out with them.
The new HOT GUTS cassette will be out later next month.We are super excited about this one, and we're pretty sure their new stuff will melt your brains, as it has ours.It contains two new live tracks that both rip as well.More info on that soon!
We are now distributed through the lovely people at Big Love/Escalator, in Japan!We are really stoked to be a part of their giant family of labels.Check them out here..
FRESH MEAT tapes are going pretty quick.People seem to be loving it.Awesome feedback.Look for some reviews on Spirit Photography and Fresh Meat later next week.More info on that soon.Still have a grip of SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY colored LP's left.This record is amazing.Check out some tracks on their Myspace page.
And last but in no way least..the PHEROMOANS cassette is completely sold out from us.The finaly copies lie with the band, and I think ROUGH TRADE and CAESAR CUTS still have a few.Check with them before ordering!

As of this Friday, all current Aural Pleasures
releases will be available in Japan from the Escalator mailorder
and Big Love record shops.They are some really amazing people,and carry A TON of great stuff.Visit them..http://shop.escalator.co.jp/
Next up:

A giant update is coming later this week.Two killer new tapes are out soon,a mini zine,and a cdr sampler will be up for sale soon.We'll also be carrying a bunch of titles from the wonderful La Station Radar label.Check back soon!

People of San Diego,go see Spirit Photography with the lovely and amazing Zola Jesus (Sacred Bones) and Broken Spindles this Wednesday @ Soda Bar!! They will have a grip of new lp's for sale.Say hello and pick one up.This will be their last show for a short while.So don't miss this!
In other news,pretty soon we will be carrying a bunch of titles from the amazing La Station Radar label,from France.They will also have some of our stuff for sale.A truly awesome bunch of people,check out their releases. http://www.latstationradar.com
Be good.
xo MJO

SWEET LORD!! The Spirit Photography "Circle in the Fire" LP's have finally arrived!They look great,and sound even better.These will ship first thing Monday morning.Thanks so much for your patience.The last of the tape version is being sent off to the band, and will only be available from their shows.Expect a reissue sometime next year.tHE Pheromoans cs/cdr is still available,but not for long!Fresh Meat tapes are getting low,too.Be good.
xo MJO

10/7 --
Fresh Meat tapes are beginning to disappear, and pretty soon they will only be available through
Midheaven/Revolver and the band members.If you want one,I wouldn't wait tooooo long.The Agent Side Grinder release is all squared away,and will now be a limited  two song cd-r.Both songs were captured live from recent shows,using a single mic and tape recorder.Raw and untouched,the way they are intended to be heard.This will be pretty limited,and housed in handmade packaging,with color inserts.More info on that soon.Up next is a live Hot Guts cs,that includes two killer new studio jams.It's a co-release with the amazing Kill Shaman label..Stay tuned.


The last of the SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY tapes are being mailed out to the band, and will only be available through them.Contact Craig if you want a copy,or go see them play live.The much delayed LP version has been "promised" by the plant, to arrive later this week.Fingers crossed.You can still pre-order it on colored vinyl now!!


Only 2 FRESH MEAT cs/cdr specials left!You get the new "Hair" cs,and a ltd. cd-r containing Hair and rare demos,singles and comp tracks.These will be gone by tomorrow.Don't miss out!
*SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY LP's are finally coming in next week..sorry for the delay!Pre-orders will ship ASAP.There's still some colored vinyl left,order yours today!

Order the new Fresh Meat "the Hair LP" cassette by 9/23, and get a fancy cd-r containing the new album, their 2006 demo tape,and their two previous 7"s on it, for free!Their entire discography, minus comp tracks.VERY limited.Handmade packaging.Ends on 9/25.


Xmas Island is going on tour with Wavves.They will have a grip of new LP's(colored version) as well as the last of the tape version.Go see them in your town,and buy some stuff!
xo MJO

Send demos/love to: 11311 Altoona Ave
New Port Richey,FL 34654